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Holiday Maldives Package

Duration: 05 Nights - 06 Days

Maldives Holiday

Duration: 07 Nights - 08 Days

Maldives Islands Package

Duration: 07 Nights - 08 Days

Maldives Travel Package

Duration: 07 Nights - 08 Days

Maldives Vacation Package

Duration: 07 Nights - 08 Days

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Holiday Maldives Package

Holiday Maldives Package is a unique and very interesting tour plan that helps you see the best of Maldives in the span of seven days. The destinations to be covered in this itinerary are- Malé, Giravaru, Kudahithi, Addu atoll, Haa Alifu atoll, diving and surfing.

Tour locations- Malé, Giravaru, Kudahithi, Addu atoll, Haa Alifu atoll, diving and surfing

Duration- 7 days/ 8 nights

Day 1, Malé: Your Maldives vacation will not be complete if you don't visit the capital Malé. Therefore Holiday Maldives Package begins with this modern urban destination. A busy bustling capital, Malé has some major tourist attractions- the Grand Mosque, The Hukuru Miskiy, Mulee-aage, Medhu Ziyaaraiy.

Day 2, Giravaru: Holiday Maldives Package next transport you to Giruvaru island.This exotic island lies very near the Male’ International Airport which makes it a favourite destination for the travellers.

Day 3, Kudahithi: Travellers looking for some quiet, calm and private island holiday must visit Kudahithi island. The unexplored island accommodates beaches with white sand, placid sea and coconut palms.

Day 4, Addu Atoll: Holiday Maldives Package sails you to this heart shaped island that bears the testimony of its British colonial past till today.

Day 5, Haa Alifu Atoll: Haa Alifu atoll is house to some 42 islands with well equipped resorts. Visitors can experience a never before thrill while they explore this atoll.

Day 6, Diving: Holiday Maldives Package accommodates adventure sports like diving in its plan. The select lagoons in Maldives offer excellent underwater visibility which makes them hot spots for divers.

Day 7, Surfing: North Malé Atoll and Outer Atolls are considered to be the best for surfing. This package spears a day for the surfing enthusiasts.

Note: This tour itinerary is designed to fit in your travel plan. We value your preferences.
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