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Holiday Maldives Package

Duration: 05 Nights - 06 Days

Maldives Holiday

Duration: 07 Nights - 08 Days

Maldives Islands Package

Duration: 07 Nights - 08 Days

Maldives Travel Package

Duration: 07 Nights - 08 Days

Maldives Vacation Package

Duration: 07 Nights - 08 Days

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Maldives Vacation Package

The beautiful island country of Maldives invites millions of travellers around the year. Maldives offers an ideal holiday option for the tourists and if you want to get the best of this country, avail the Maldives Vacation Package. The package includes trip to- Malé, Baros, Raa Atoll, Asdu, Haa Alifu Atoll, diving and snorkeling.

Destinations- Malé, Baros, Raa Atoll, Asdu, Haa Alifu Atoll

Duration- 7 days/ 8 nights

Day 1, Malé: Your trip to Maldives will not be complete if you don't visit the capital Malé. Therefore Maldives Vacation Package begins with this modern urban destination. A busy bustling capital, Malé has some major tourist attractions- the Grand Mosque, The Hukuru Miskiy, Mulee-aage, Medhu Ziyaaraiy.

Day 2, Baros islands: It is an island destination that is amazingly beautiful. Have a wonderful time in this reef covered coral location with Maldives Vacation Package.

Day 3, Raa Atoll: Raa Atoll is undoubtedly one of the biggest atolls in Maldives with almost 90 islands. Major thing to do here is scuba diving in the crystal clear water with a rich underwater resources.

Day 4, Asdu island: After that, Maldives Vacation Package takes you to another tropical paradise called Asdu. The sand, sea and the sun makes it a highly sought after island. The underwater of Asdu is very much conducive for snorkeling and diving.

Day 5, Haa Alifu Atoll: Though not as huge as Raa atoll, Haa Alifu atoll nonetheless is house to some 42 islands with well equipped resorts.

Day 6, Diving: The thrilling underwater of Maldives offers excellent visibility (sometimes at even 50 meters) and some queer flora and fauna. That makes Maldives a favourite destination for the divers. Maldives Vacation Package will offer a day for diving in a select location.

Day 7, Snorkeling: If you are not satisfied with diving, try some mind boggling snorkeling. The lagoons are clear and safe for a memorable underwater stint with the marine world.

Note: Maldives Vacation Package is extremely traveller friendly and makes room for your preferences.

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